Buying a Mother’s Day Gift For Your Wife – Some Things You Must Consider

When buying a Mothers Day Gift for your wife there are a few things that you must take into consideration after all you need to make her feel extra special without breaking the bank. Now, there are many ways to make your wife feel special on Mothers Day and they don’t necessarily involve giving flowers or the other, more often talked about ideas like, giving her the day off. While these are great ideas and work very well they are what every Tom, Dick and Harry on every street in every town are going to be thinking. I’m not saying don’t do these things, no; I’m saying that we need to consider ‘why’ we’re doing these things. We need to get to the crux. In order to get to the crux we need to dig a little deeper into why Mothers Day is the holiday that it is; where that stems from and what it all means.

Around this holiday lots of people talk about Anna Jarvis; Anna Jarvis created Mothers Day (officially recognized in 1914) as a day to show respect and appreciation of all mothers in all families. What most people don’t mention is that a few years later she was campaigning for mother’s day to be banned because it had become too commercialized and not what she had intended. We can dig even deeper than this and look at earlier cultures and their ideas on Mothers Day; this is where it gets interesting. Mothers Day in early Europe was a day that people put aside for going to visit their mothers. Great, what does that mean? It means that whole families put aside a day to spend together. Spending good, quality time with your family (and extended family) is something that can be drawn on emotionally for the rest of your life. It is a time for young cousins ​​to meet and for them to build relationships; to understand the family ties, to meet their uncles and aunts and feel a real belonging. These family get-togethers create memories for everyone and add roots to the family tree. It also allows mothers to recognize the importance of their role as creators within the family- that is a priceless gift! That’s part of what Anna Jarvis was trying to underline when she created Mothers Day.

So, when thinking about buying a Mothers Day Gift for your Wife this year bear this in mind. Yes, buy her gifts, make her feel special, show her how important she is too you but also bear in mind that you guys are only part of a long progression within the family tree and that that and your part (jointly, as creators) is as important. Remember also that you can make her feel special all year round!

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