How To Create Healthy Blended Families

If you and your partner are getting ready to move in together with kids this can be an exciting time for everyone, but at the same time, it can be a little worrisome. It is never simple to just move in together and instantly be a happy family with no issues whatsoever. It’s a time to be celebrated, though! Here are some tips for taking the plunge and remaining happy under one roof!

Communication is key!

Even though the relationship between you and your new love is wonderful, you still need to seriously think and weigh all options before you take the plunge. Even if the children of both (or either one) is going very well and you both are sure you are ready to take the next step, take time to communicate with each other as a future family. Talk about any rules, issues that could arise, and continue to spend more time together.

Consistency counts

With any family, philosophies on raising children must be consistent between the two parents. This includes anything that has to do with giving the children the best life possible, such as discipline, communication, traditions, family time, chores, and more. Before your families come together under one roof, it is imperative that future family meetings happen. It is also important that your stepchildren have the same rules, consequences, amount of chores, and all of the other areas of “family life” are consistent and equal. Once you do move in together, it may take time to “get your bearings” and have everything run smoothly.

Keep Tabs on Everyone

Be sure to talk with all of your children on a one-on-one basis. Just because a child doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean that they have accepted their new lifestyle. Making conversation every single day with every child is necessary for a healthy relationship and a family full of love. This goes back to communication, but it is much more personal. Make every child feel loved and be in tune to their actions and emotions to be sure they are doing fine. Knowing how each child in the family is feeling will prevent negative feelings from getting out of hand, and keep the family bond even stronger.

Have Fun Together

The one thing about blending a family together is that it is not just about you and your new partner. Little lives are in your hands, and what better way to make new traditions and memories than to have fun with each other! When the whole family spends time together, bonds strengthen. This does not mean you have to take everyone out to eat, or on weekend getaways every chance you get. Family time is perfect when everyone is together in one room playing games, eating together, having a movie night, or just talking and laughing with each other.

Accept Mistakes

Blending a family together is not easy at first. Some children may have difficulty at first, and may be quite distant, even after communication beforehand. However, with proper preparation, communication, and lots of love, your family will be happy and healthy. Hiccups will occur, as with any family, but that’s okay. If you are a strong family and have bonded well, you will be able to get through every bump in the road and be happy together.

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