Really It’s Mother’s Day Any Time of the Year

Mother’s Day has its roots in Christianity and is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In actual fact by the earlier part of the twentieth century its popularity in the United Kingdom had waned somewhat. However with the advent of the Second World War and the contact it brought with service personnel from the United States and Canada, who still celebrated the event, it underwent a revival that has continued to this day.

Mothering Sunday, which is on Sunday, 20th March 2014, still remains on the calendar of certain Canadian Anglican churches, especially those with a strong English connection. But right though it is that we should set aside a day to honor the mother who brought us into the world and who fed and clothed us, and nurtured us lovingly throughout our childhood years, this should not mean that the debt of gratitude we owe should be forgotten at other times.

There is nothing more natural than motherhood

For most of us a little bit of every day should be forever Mother’s Day. But it is on Mother’s Day proper that we buy and give gifts, and as that date approaches we commit ourselves to the decision as to what is the most appropriate token of our love and appreciation to offer.

There is nothing more natural than motherhood. As such it makes perfect sense now more than at any other time, when considering what to buy, that we should give ample thought to some natural, ethical gift ideas.

Bathroom products containing natural oils and free from harmful chemicals are an attractive option for a Mother’s Day gift. Containing flower extracts and herbs and spices, they inspire us back to nature and away from the grim commercialism of the mass produced offerings that adorn the shelves of our supermarkets.

Equally well received by houseproud mums are organic textiles; textiles such as these have massive eco credentials and make a lovely gift. Giving a gift that is not only practical but also has a strong ethical slant is not just a gift for your Mother, it’s a gift to the planet as you can assured that the production of the textile will have met high ethical standards in its production.

These and so many other natural gifts that are available to offer us a more practical option than flowers when remembering that unique and special person in our lives.

With a little imagination Mother’s Day presents us with the ideal opportunity to demonstrate our love for Mother and for the planet.

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